Captivating Historic Townhouse with Endless Potential 

Cortes de la Frontera for Sale | Reference: MB82923

Discover the allure of this expansive historic townhouse that holds within it boundless possibilities for transformation. With a substantial 235 m2 of built space nestled on a generous 270 m2 plot, this property exudes an enduring charm that, once meticulously renovated, could ascend to become a preeminent jewel within the enchanting village of Cortes.

With the capacity to effortlessly accommodate four to five bedrooms, the house boasts not one, but two picturesque patios, a verdant garden, an inviting corral, and an intimate internal rooftop terrace. These outdoor havens beckon with untapped potential for crafting captivating, open-air sanctuaries.

Main Living Quarters: Stepping through the grand antique doors, a sprawling living area welcomes you, flanked by two inviting rooms on either side. The kitchen and dining space gracefully extend towards the courtyard, while a cozy guest room and bath gracefully hug the left side of the patio.

Ascending to the first floor reveals a spacious landing that gracefully ushers you into two generously sized bedrooms. An adjoining terrace bestows a charming vantage point overlooking the courtyard, accompanied by a well-appointed kitchen and a stylish bathroom enclave.

Expansive Courtyard and The Corral: Beyond the primary living area lies a capacious private patio that leads to the historic corral. The corral, a once-stable for horses, stands as a testament to the property’s storied past, offering the potential to metamorphose into an independent living space. The ground floor boasts two intimate rooms, while the upper level presents a single, sweeping open-plan expanse. While steeped in history and captivating charm, the corral does warrant comprehensive restoration efforts to rejuvenate its splendor.

Progressing beyond the corral, you’ll be greeted by a delightful patio adorned with a majestic lemon tree, providing an entrancing passage to a terraced garden. This expansive space sets the stage for a generous swimming pool, offering the promise of a tranquil oasis within the property’s embrace.

Priced at an exceptional value, this property stands as a canvas of dreams, ripe for crafting a cherished residence or an enticing rental opportunity. Envision the prospects, embrace the character, and seize this chance to create an extraordinary haven in the heart of Cortes de la Frontera.



Property Features

  • Garden
  • Patio
  • restoration project
  • Terrace