Tropical paradise hidden in the Forest.

country property Estacion Gaucin Ref: MB7376

Nestled within the serene embrace of the national park of Los Alcornocales, this extraordinary country property, identified as Estacion Gaucin Ref: MB7376, offers an idyllic escape for avid nature enthusiasts seeking a tropical paradise hidden in the heart of the forest. The residence, positioned in a remarkably secluded locale, is enveloped by the verdant canopy of a dense cork oak forest, spanning just over a hectare of exquisitely fertile land.

A natural spring graces the property, generously filling a tranquil pool before meandering down the landscape, while a borehole ensures a perpetual supply of pristine, natural water. The lush gardens contribute to the property’s tropical ambiance, featuring a diverse array of palms, numbering 21 distinct varieties. Wildflowers and fruit trees flourish, coexisting harmoniously with numerous edible plants and herbs that grow freely.

The enchanting views, perpetually adorned in greenery, showcase the forest from every vantage point. Accessible by a 25-minute walk or a similarly brief drive to town, the journey unveils a picturesque route, albeit bumpy for a kilometer, thus recommending the use of a 4×4 vehicle. Nevertheless, the captivating drive through the forest compensates for any inconveniences, creating a breathtaking experience in this splendid area.

This one-of-a-kind property operates entirely off-grid, relying on solar energy and its natural water sources, rendering utility bills a relic of the past. The only recurring expense is the negligible annual council tax, a small price to pay for the self-sufficient and environmentally conscious lifestyle it affords, especially when compared to other European countries.

The residence itself comprises two distinct apartments, each boasting a bedroom, seamlessly joined together. The option to convert the space into a larger, three-bedroom layout exists by eliminating one of the kitchens. The building, characterized by its unique charm and wooden features, offers sufficient height to accommodate a low loft bedroom if desired.

Beyond the swaying palms and nestled amidst oak trees, a discreet warehouse awaits at the end of the land, adding a practical element to this enchanting property. In essence, Estacion Gaucin Ref: MB7376 is not merely a dwelling; it is an invitation to embrace a lifestyle where the rhythms of nature and the allure of a hidden tropical haven converge in perfect harmony

Property Features

  • Agricultural land
  • Garden
  • Guest Accommodation
  • Multiple Buildings
  • Swimming pool
  • Terrace
  • Views